6 Best AdSense Approval Trick 2022 For Blogger And WordPress

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Today in this article we will talk about the 6 Best AdSense Approval Trick in 2022. Nowadays getting approval is becoming a bit difficult.

Many new bloggers and WordPress users are trying to get AdSense approval in 2022. But they are failing on getting AdSense approval.

But, only a few of them are getting AdSense approval. So many New Bloggers and New WordPress users don’t know the complete process to get AdSense approval.

If you are reading this article then it seems like you are a new blogger and trying to get AdSense approval.

I am definitely sure that if you follow all the approval tricks then you will definitely get approval from AdSense within 2 to 3 days.

Adsense Approval Trick In 2022:

The first main and important thing that you need to focus on to get AdSense approval is the Domain. Choosing a good domain gives you 50% AdSense approval.

Now let’s see the complete detail on Domain choosing to get adsense approval.

1. Domain

Domain name plays an important role in getting AdSense approval. The main important thing is getting approval from the .blogspot domain is difficult.

If you are a blogger and by default, you will get the .blogspot domain, it is free I will agree with that. But google mostly won’t rank the .blogspot domain websites.

If you need AdSense approval on the .blogspot domain, then you have to wait some time till google finds you to give AdSense approval.

Every blogger who uses the .blogspot domain must wait a maximum of 6 months to get AdSense approval. Some people may get in 3 months, some may get in 8 months.

Nobody can’t say the exact period of time for getting AdSense approval if you are using the .blogspot domain.

My suggestion is to buy a new good domain that relates to your niche.

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How To Buy A Domain Name – A Detailed Guide:

Before buying a domain, you have to choose your site niche. After choosing the niche, you can easily select a domain.

If you are website is related to health niche then choose the domain which relates to the health niche.

It means that include a small word that relates to health in your domain name, this small trick will boost your website traffic.

If I search for “how to lose weight ?” on google, then will you see all results related to that keyword.

AdSense Approval Trick

Please focus on the domain names of the above websites, these websites are related to the health niche. So these websites choose domain names related to the health niche.

The first website has chosen “healthline.com” the word health in the domain related to the health niche. The second website has chosen “ditedoctor.com” the two words diet and doctor are also related to the health niche.

Focus only on the title of the domain name not on the .com.

After you choose the title of the domain now you have to choose a top-level domain like .com, .in, .uk, .edu, .org,…………..

Most of the members choose the .com domain for their sites. If you are interested to target a specific country audience to your site, then you have to choose the domain according to that.

If you have to target the Indian audience, then you have to choose the .in domain. Similarly, if you have to target the United Kingdom audience, then you have to choose the .uk domain.

Recommended Domain: .com

I think you are clearly understood How to Buy a Domain Name to get AdSense approval. This is one of the AdSense approval trick to get approval from Google AdSense.

2. Period Of Time

Mostly every newbie do this mistake, What they do is they will buy a domain today, and they will apply for AdSense tomorrow.

If you are doing this, then you are making a big mistake in applying for AdSense approval. The solution for this is you have to wait for some time till your site get indexed on google.

Don’t hurry to get AdSense approval. Slowly check all the parameters those which google check for approval.

After buying a domain name for your site, wait for 30 days to apply for AdSense. Applying for Google AdSense immediately after buying a domain will definitely reject your AdSense application.

If you are using .blogspot domain then you have to wait for max of 6 months to get AdSense approval.

3. Number Of Posts On A New Website Or A Blog

Nobody says how many numbers of posts are really mattered or needed to get AdSense approval. It varies from website to website.

But there is one number that most of the websites applied for AdSense and got Google AdSense approval.

And that number is 30. Mostly Google gives approval for websites, having a minimum of 30 articles.

Note that writing 30 articles isn’t enough to get blogger AdSense approval. The main thing that you should not write is copied content.

Adsense doesn’t approve any copied type of content, so you have to write articles on your own.

You can check whether your content is plagiarism or not using plagiarsim tool.

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AdSense Approval Trick
  • Open Google and search for a plagiarism checker.
  • Now you will see smallseotools plagiarism checker at the top of the google search results.
  • You have to open the plagiarism checker and check whether your content is matching with other content or not.
  • You have to copy all your article and paste it on the smallseotools plagiarism checker. After pasting click on the check plagiarism button to check your content.
  • After checking you will see your content results, which is similar to the above image.
  • If you have any plagiarism content then try to remove all the content from your article.

If you remove all your plagiarism content, then there is a high chance of getting your article rank on Google, and as a bonus, you will get AdSense approval.

But some people are still not getting AdSense approval if they follow all the above steps.

The main reason for disapproval from AdSense is SEO. Writing 30 articles isn’t enough for AdSense approval. You have to write those articles SEO friendly.

If you are not writing well SEO friendly articles, then you will definitely don’t get AdSense approval.

Now we will talk about how to write SEO friendly articles to getting AdSense approval.

WordPress Users:

If you are a WordPress user, then your work will become easier. Every WordPress user must need an SEO plugin to write well SEO friendly article.

The most popular SEO plugins that most WordPress users will use are Rankmath and Yoast SEO. These are the two main and best SEO plugins for WordPress users.

You have to install one of the SEO plugins to write SEO friendly articles. Rankmath will give you all free features, as the Yoast SEO will give you the same features in the paid version.

Most of the WordPress users are using Rankmath, and it is free of cost. So install the Rankmath SEO tool in your WordPress dashboard.

After installing, set up your Rankmath SEO tool. After that, open one of your articles, then Rankmath will show SEO score at the top of the page.

If you follow all the Rankmath SEO then your articles will rank on google in a short period of time and also you will get AdSense approval.

Maintain the Rankmath SEO score of above 90 to get better results.

Blog Users:

If you are a blogger no need to worry about the SEO. But the main drawback for blog users is Plugins.

Bloggers can’t install any plugins, and this will make the blogger a bit difficult on getting AdSense approval.

But no need to worry I will share with you the main SEO Tips that you have to follow in your articles

First, you have to choose low competition keyword to write SEO friendly article. After choosing the keyword, You have to follow all the below SEO tips to rank your article on Google.

Basic SEO:

  • The focusing keyword must include in the SEO title of your article.
  • The focus keyword must include in your SEO Meta Description.
  • Maintain a short URL, and focusing keyword must be used in the URL.
  • The focusing keyword must appear in the first 10% of your content.
  • The main thing is word length. You have to write a minimum of 1500 words long article to rank on Google search results.
  • Try to write short paragraphs with one or two lines.
  • Everyone must need to use images or videos inside the article. Your article must have a minimum of 3 images with the focus keyword as alt text.
  • You have to link other websites in your article. In the same way, you have to do internal linking in your articles.

Title Readability:

  • Try to use numbers in your SEO title.
  • Your title must contain the focus keyword.
  • Try to use positive, negative, and power words in your SEO title. It is not so important, but if place a power word in your title, then there is a high chance of clicking your article on Google search.

If you follow all the above steps then your article will definetly rank on Google.

4. Design or Theme For Your Website:

Writing SEO friendly articles isn’t enough for AdSense approval. There are some bloggers as they are still not getting approval after writing SEO friendly articles.

The main reason behind the AdSense disapproval is the theme. Please you well-customized SEO-friendly templates or themes.

If you are a WordPress user, then my recommendation is to use the Generatepress theme for your WordPress website.

Generatepress is a lightweight and SEO friendly theme for all WordPress users. You can use the free version of Generatepress on your website.

If you need you can use the paid version as well. You will get some more additional features in the paid version as compared to the free version.

If you are a blogger then you can use the Fastest blogger template or theme. The Fastest blogger template is also the fastest and SEO friendly template.

If you like other themes or templates then you can use, but those templates must be SEO-friendly.

If you using SEO friendly templates then only, your website or blog will be approved by Google AdSense.

5. Mandatory Pages:

There are some mandatory pages that you have to create before you are applying for AdSense. Without those pages no website will get Google AdSense approval.

The five mandatory pages are:

  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Disclaimer
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms and Conditions

Every website or blog must have these five pages before applying for AdSense. You have to write about your website and author on the About Us page.

Now you have to give your contact details like E – mail ID or Phone number on the Contact Us page.

I think some people are thinking about how to create Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, and Terms and Conditions pages.

No need to worry, I will tell you the simple step to create all those pages with a single click.

Go to Google and search for a Disclaimer generator and open the disclaimergenerator.net website. You have to fill the name, website name, and website URL on the arranged fields, after that click the Next button. Your Disclaimer page is created and copy that page and paste it on your website.

In a similar way, you have to write the Terms and Conditions page and Privacy Policy page. After having all these pages on your website, you can apply for AdSense.

6. Don’t write any illegal content:

If your website has any illegal content then Google AdSense will not approve your site.

So, remove all your illegal content from your website and then apply for AdSense approval. After removing illegal content there is a high chance of getting AdSense approval.

For more details you have to check Google policies before applying for AdSense.

Additional Tricks For AdSense Approval:


Try to write your content in the English language. If you write in the English language you will get some more traffic from google.

It is not mandatory to write in the English language you can write your articles in the local language. But that language must support by Google AdSense 2022.

There are some list of languages that AdSense will give approval for only those language sites.

Changes After Applying For AdSense :

The main thing most newbies make this mistake is changing content. They will change the content or site theme after applying for AdSense approval.

After applying for AdSense, you must not do any changes to the website. You must not change your theme or any HTML changes on the website.

If you do these things then Google AdSense will reject your site.

Updating Content:

There will be some time to get approval, after you applying for AdSense. Most of the new bloggers or wordpress users don’t write or update there website after applying for AdSense.

You have to write new articles and update old content on your site after applying for AdSense. If you don’t write new articles or update your content then AdSense will reject your site.

FAQ’s On AdSense Approval Tricks:

Q -1: Does Google AdSense Will See Website Language For Approval?

Ans: Yes Goolge will see your website language. If your website language is not supported by Google then your AdSense will be rejected.
Google will don’t support only few languages for AdSense approval.

Q -2: Is There Any AdSense Approval Time?

Ans: No one can say the exact time period for AdSense Approval. In the worst-case Google, will took MAX of 30 days to approve a site.
But now a day’s due to the COVID-19 AdSense approval process may delay.

Q -3: Does Adsense give approval on mysterious facts websites?

Ans: There are no such categories on Google. Google will give approval on all types of legal content.
But Google won’t approve for illegal content.

Q -4: How to get Adsense approval in 15 days?

Ans: If you follow all the above steps, then you will definitely get AdSense approval in 15days.

Q -5: Is There any AdSense Approval Trick To Get AdSense Approval?

The straight one-word answer for the above question is “NO”. There is no such AdSense Approval Trick to get AdSense Approval.

We are sharing with you only the factors which Google will see before giving approval for a website.

So don’t Think about the AdSense Approval, Check only whether your website follows all the Google policies or Not.

That’s it, if your website follows all the policies of Google, then your website will get AdSense approval. If not, you won’t get AdSense approval.


After reading this article about the 6 Best AdSense Approval Trick 2022 you will get some basic idea on how to get AdSense approval.

Your website is not getting approved by Google AdSense, then one’s read this article and do changes to your website according to the above steps and then apply for Google AdSense.

You definitely get AdSense approval if you all the above 6 AdSense Approval tricks. If you have any doubt on AdSense approval then mention your question in the comment section below, I will give an answer to your question.

If you like this article AdSense Approval Trick, then please try to share it on all social media platforms to reach more people, So that more people will get a solution to the AdSense disapproval issue.

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