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 Aliens” is also known as Extraterrestrial Life.Many of us have doubt that are aliens are real and are they alive?Now we will have a look about all these questions about the Aliens.Now we start form the planets to know the information about Aliens.
According to NASA exoplanet space exploration there are 4,108 Exo-Planets are confirmed by NASA. Exo-Planets means the planets we found outside of our solar system.In 4,108 Exo-Planets
1375 planets are like Neptune planet which is present in our solar system, 1293 planets are like Gas Gaint planets, 1273 planets are like Super Earth like planets, 161 planets are Terrestrial planets that which contain rocky surface and Iron in it’s core.
These Terrestrial planets are like Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars which is present in our solar system.The scientists almost conform these 161 planets  can contain life and remaining 6 planets are unknown planets.Recently NASA discovered a new Super Earth Planet.The name of the planet is G 9-40b it was discovery in the year 2019 and NASA detected these Exo-Planet by the method of Transit.The method Transit is when a planet passes directly between its star it dims the star light by measurable amount.The number 4,108 is keep changing.  
We all know and we may think that Aliens travel in UFO’s.The full form of UFO is “Un-Indentified Flying Object”. In the year 1952 by without having any evidence of these flying objects the “United States Air Force” named these objects as UFO’s.Many people see these flying objects in the sky.People say that these UFO’s are just like Sliver object or a Metalic object flying in the sky and some people may say that there are some navigation lights around the flying objects just like our Air planes.
Scientist do not found any evidences about these UFO’s.In June 17 1930 a round shaped meteoroid strike the ground near Texas in United States, many people thought that it is a UFO.In the year June 24 1947 a pilot say’s that he found 9 UFO’s in the sky, he says that these UFO’s are moving with a speed of nearly 1950 km/h.At that time any Air plane in the world cannot move at that speed.Many people does not believe in UFO’s and Aliens.
Many scientists say that these objects are “Lenticular Clouds” .Lenticular Clouds means these clouds are in Lens shape or Saucer shape just like UFO.These clouds mostly found in Troposphere.Many people saw these clouds and thought that it was a UFO.Many people say’s that US Navy and US Air force keeping some secrets about UFO’s from people.Some US Military officers say that these objects are Drowns or some Balloons , we all know any balloon or Drown cannot move with 1950 km/h speed in the sky.
In the year 1974 a building construction workers working in Romania, near the river Mures. The construction workers found three strange objects while digging the sand.Two of the strange objects are bones of a Mastodon Elephant and it gone extinct 11,000 years ago.And the third object is a wedge shaped metal object which is made up of 89% Aluminium, 6% Copper and other 12 elements all together.Until 1829 Aluminium didn’t come to existence.Human don’t use aluminium alloys until 1829’s.

Scientists was shocked with out using aluminium by humans until 1829, how the Wedge shaped metallic object is made of Aluminium over 10,000 years ago.This Metallic Wedge is a evidence to the Aliens that may exist. Some Aeronautical Engineers who saw this Metallic Wedge says that it is a piece of landing gear for vertical take off and landing aircraft.Some Astronomers also says that it may piece of crashed an Extraterrestrial Craft.

According to scientists and some Astronomers they believe that Aliens are there some where around the space and those are more advanced than our’s.Some people believe in aliens and some people don’t believe in it and some people says that United States Military is working with Aliens in ‘Area 51″.

A 51 check point | The gate into Area 51 just behind Rachel ...

Area 51 is highly restricted place in the world and it is located  Nevada Desert, Hiko, Nevada.No one in the world do not enter in this area.People thought that in Area 51 scientists research on UFO’s and Aliens.At time of cold war all types of Jet planes and war planes are made in Area 51 by US government.It is located near to Groom Lake in Nevada.US Government says that Area 51 is only flight testing area and air craft training and testing area. Through out Area 51 may contain full of surveillance cameras and motion detectors, the security of Area 51 is under Armed forces of US.So no one cannot enter in to Area 51 so the mysteries around Area 51 and Aliens are not reveled.

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