Trending 7 Best Game Development Software 2021

According to, 40% of the world’s population, which is nearly 3.1 billion people worldwide, play games in their day-to-day life.

The gaming field is one of the fastest-growing positions in the world. Those who arrive new to this gaming community might not know well about the game development software.

The frequency of people, who play games is increasing rapidly, as a matter of fact, the frequency of game developers or game developing people are also increasing.

If you are a new game developer and searching for the best game development software, then you appear at the right place.

Today we will talk about the list of 7 Best Game Development Software 2021. After reading this article, you may take a break from your search.

List of 7 Best Game Development Software 2021:

NOTE: “The below list of game development software are in random order, so you can utilize this software as per your choice”.

1. Unity:

Among the list of best game development softwares, the first appearing game development tool is unity.

Unity is marked as one of the best game development tools, which most game developers use to construct their game.

Most game developers attract to unity software because of a clean & attractive interface. Without mentioning that, unity has a very easy interface, even normal users can easily understand it.

By using unity software, game developers can easily develop both 2D & 3D games, without facing any issues while developing.

After reading all this, some people might anticipate that this unity software is paid. And the price might be too high.

But in reality, it is wrong. Unity does not charge you an annual fee or maintenance fee. Even unity doesn’t ask you to pay a revenue share.

Nearly, 45% of game creators use unity to develop games. Mark my word, unity is one best game making software for beginners, as well as for professionals.

You don’t need any programming skills to create a game from unity.

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2. Unreal Engine:

Unreal Engine is one of the best game making software for pc. By using Unreal Engine you can easily develop games like a professional.

You don’t need any coding knowledge to develop games in the Unreal engine. In this gaming industry, the most powerful competitor for Unity is Unreal Engine.

Identical to unity, you can also develop both 2D & 3D games, Adventure games, Sports games,… by using Unreal Engine.

As we come to pricing and subscription details, Unreal Engine is free and open-source software, that anybody can utilize.

Unreal Engine uses AI technology in game development tools, post-processing effects, simulations, and visualizations.

This software is not only for PC games development, you can also create Android and iOS games by using this software.

You can use this software in both Windows and Mac books. Unreal Engine is one of the easiest game making software, which is mostly needed for beginners.

Even Unreal Engine is free, when you monetize your game and your lifetime gross revenues from that game exceed $1,000,000, then you have to incurs 5% royalties to Unreal Engine.

Before $1,000,000, you don’t have to pay any initial charges for Unreal Engine to develop games.

3. GameMaker Studio 2:

GameMaker Studio 2 is one of the best software for game design and development. By employing this software, you can effortlessly uncover games without having any coding experience.

You can build multiplayer games, 2D type games by using this software. Among these, this software provides you lots of assets and resources to design a notable game.

As we proceed to price details, the GameMaker Studio 2 gives you 30 days free trial session, following which you have to pay according to your game variety.

If you are building your game for Windows and Mac, you have to compensate $39, one’s you completed your payment, your license is valid for 12 months.

If you are managed to design a game for Android and iOS users, you have to compensate $199, it’s your permanent license, you don’t have to pay anything later.

If you want to publish your amazing game to Xbox & Play station, then you have to pay $799, one’s you completed your payment, your license is valid for 12 months.

The one frustration in GameMaker Studio 2 is, you cannot embed any videos within the games. If we leave this issue, then GameMaker Studio 2 is one of the most suitable game development software.

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4. GDevelop:

GDevelop is the best game making software for beginners & professionals. GDevelop provides you easy and simplistic interface, which most developers like in GDevelop.

GDevelop game engine is best for those, who don’t spend hours in, game designing and creations. By using this software, you can easily drag and drop the targets and design a game.

You don’t need any game development programs to develop a game in GDevelop. GDevelop advances multi-language support for developers.

By using GDevelop, you can create high voltage software video games, also you can create a wide variety of 2D & 3D games.

GDevelop is one of the best game making software for PC, Android, & iOS games. This is open-source software, which available free for all types of users.

GDevelop has some impressive tools such as Piskel and Jfxe for better creation of the game and sound quality. With one click, you can export your game to Facebook Instant Games, to play on Messenger.

Without possessing any uncertainty, we can clearly mention that GDevelop one of the best game making software without coding.

5. Construct 3:

Nearly 100K users monthly use, Construct 3 to create & sell games globally. It is one of the easy game making software, as compared to other software.

But Construct 3 doesn’t offer you any free service, it is a paid software for game design. You can also develop your game, without paying anything.

If you use a monthly billing plan to get a personal license, you have to pay $5.19 per month. For yearly billing, you have to pay $40.79 per year, you can save 34% as compared to monthly billing.

Without paying to Construct 3, you cannot monetize your game, which you developed from the software.

You can create Android & iOS games by using Construct 3 software. Construct 3 is the best mobile game development software.

Construct 3 also works as a 2d game development software and also best game making software for Chromebook.

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6. GameSalad:

GameSalad is the best game-making software for beginners. The most immeasurable advantage is, by using this software, you can develop apps for the Android play store and iOS app store.

As we come to payment details, GameSalad is not available for free, you need to subscribe to Gamesalad to use this software.

If you subscribe to the basic plan in GameSalad, then you have to spend $19 per month. If you go for yearly billing, then you have to pay $199 per year.

By using the basic plan, you can develop games for only desktop or PC. But you can’t develop games for mobiles, by using the basic plan.

If you are developing games for only PC or desktop users, then without any doubt GameSalad is the best game making software for PC.

You can subscribe to the pro plan in GameSalad if you built games for mobile users, then you have to spend $29 per month. If you go for yearly billing, then you have to pay $299 per year.

By using the pro plan, you can develop games for desktop or PC users, and also you can develop games for mobile users. GameSalad is the most reliable android game development software.

7. Blender:

Blender is a free and open-source software for video game creation. If you’d like to learn 3D modeling and animation, then blender is the perfect place for you.

You don’t need any computer game programming, to develop a game in the blender. Blender is a bit complicated to learn as compared with other software.

By using Blender you can easily develop VFX, Animation & Rigging, & Story Art.


FAQ’s On 7 Best Game Development Software 2021:

1. Best game development software for beginners?

ANS: The above 7 softwares are the best game development softwares for beginners.

2. Unity game development software is good?

ANS: Unity is one of the best video game development software.

3. Is Unity or Unreal better?

ANS: Without any difficulty, we can say that unity is the best 3d game making software for mobile users and as well as for PC users.

4. Is Unity easier than Unreal engine?

ANS: Yes. Unity is simpler than Unreal engine because Unity mostly uses C# and as we come to Unreal engine it uses C++, which bit difficult as compared with C#

5. Is Unity free?

ANS: Unity is free until your revenue is less than $100K in the last 12 months. If your revenue exceeds $100K in the last 12 months, then you have to purchase Unity pro by paying $1,800 per year.

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The above 7 game engine softwares have their own pros and cons, you must choose the software according to your availability.

No video game making software is easy to use. Without any programming skills, you can develop games only for a tiny level, if you want to develop a professional game, then you must have some programming skills in C# and C++.

Some game development software needs fewer programming skills, choose the software with fewer programming skills needed, so it may help you to develop games more productively.

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If anybody knows any other easiest game making software, then please mention the software name in the comment section below, so that we will try to add the software to this list.

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