15 Best Tumblr Alternatives You Must Try in 2022

Tumblr is a social networking site that is quite different from other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

David crap launched Tumblr in 2007, which performs like microblogging and social networking site. With the help of Tumblr, you can share your numerous thoughts and information with others via blogs. 

As it is not just limited to bloggers, even normal users can follow and read others’ blog posts and can share their thoughts and updates on the piece of information.

Due to some reasons, so many users left Tumblr and searched for the best Tumblr alternative. If so, then you came to the right place. Today, we will discuss the 15 Best Tumblr Alternatives You Must Try in 2022.

I had mentioned below what’s the real reason behind users leaving Tumblr.

Now let’s dive into the curated list of the 15 best alternative sites like Tumblr.

15 Best Tumblr Alternatives :

1. Reddit :

Reddit is the most popular Tumblr alternative on the internet. Here you can find a wide variety of content and active communities.

You can join in active communities and share your feed so that other community members and users can read and upvote your content if they like.

Even you can share your links, images, and videos on Reddit and discuss various topics. By using paid promotions, you can easily enhance your in organic traffic and increase your sales.

If you created your own community and your community has a huge fan base, you can earn money by promoting the content and products.

2. Blogger :

Blogger is another best platform to share your feed and knowledge for free. At present, it is the most popular Tumblr alternative.

This blogger platform is managed by Google. You don’t need any hosting provider to manage your site. Because it is self-hosted on google itself.

If your blogger site has a decent audience level, then you can monetize your blogger site by using Google Adsense or some ad networks.

Google Adsense approves the blogger platform sites much easier, as compared with the other platforms.

One’s you get the audience base, you can earn money from your site in many ways like advertising, sponsored articles, affiliate marketing, and so on.

Now let’s discuss the paid platform to share your knowledge.

3. WordPress :

WordPress is a paid platform to share your feed and attract an audience. To use this platform your need to buy monthly or annual plans.

Even you can use this platform for free with limited resources. In the free version, you can’t install plugins and can’t monetize your site.

You will get a WordPress customized root domain that you can’t change in the free version. My recommendation is, better to choose the paid version.

If you can’t afford the payment, then better to go with the blogger platform. Here in the blogger platform, at least you can monetize your site.

But in the free version of WordPress, you can’t even monetize your site. In the paid version, you will get full control of your site.

If you are searching for the best alternative sites to Tumblr, then WordPress is the best option.

4. Medium :

Medium is a platform that allows you to share information and read other shared information for free.

With the help of a medium, you can write and share your feed. So that others may like and follow you on the medium platform.

For those who are new to this platform, though it is not a look-alike service like Tumblr. By using the medium, you can’t monetize your content.

Moreover, there is another way to earn money from your feed, it is the Medium partner program, which allows the writers to earn money from their feed.

Even medium has introduced some paid memberships, which offer exclusive content to the subscribers to those you pay monthly fees.

5. Mastodon :

Mastodon is free and open-source self-hosted provides a decentralized social platform, which allows you to share content.

Your content may be text-based or visual. By using Mastodon, you can look up others’ content and follow them.

Mastodon is an ad-free Tumblr alternative. Here you join the servers according to your interest and share your content, without having any certain restrictions.

But some central servers may have some restrictions on your content.

6. Ghost :

Ghost is the top Tumblr alternative on the web. Ghost is an open-source blogging platform that’s intended to form writing and publishing content simply.

In ghost, you will have full freedom to spread the content as long as it is legal and not spreading any hate to others.

The control panel will provide you with detailed stats on audience engagement and business growth. However, it is not a free platform to share content.

This Tumblr alternative comprises 4 variants of plans starter ($9), Basic ($29), Standard ($79), and Business ($199).

7. Dreamwidth :

Dreamwidth is the best platform to share your creative thoughts and content. It is an independent, community-centric, and open Source platform.

Dreamwidth welcomes users to create and share their content. Even you have full control over your content which you can make available for certain people only, whom you want to.

Here you can join a wide range of communities according to your interest. Similar to Tumblr, you don’t find any 3rd party advertisements on the platform.

Even you can buy some features and expenses to keep the site running, develop new features, and fix bugs.

8. Wix :

This website works similarly to WordPress, in which you can create your own website and share your content without having any restrictions.

This platform is not for free it is paid platform in which you need to pay VIP ($4.46/month), Unlimited ($2.54/month), Combo ($1.71/month), and Connect domain ($1.10/month).

One’s you started creating the website, Wix will manage all your hosting, CDN performance, and website security which you will have full control of your site.

9.DeviantArt :

Here you can share your creative art, journals, and latest content. Meanwhile, it is a free platform to share your feed.

DeviantArt is a great platform for beginner and aspiring artists. Because it lets you showcase your work and mingle with others artists.

If you have a good art collection, here you can sell your art as wallpapers and such. Mostly, anime lovers will like this site.

So if you are searching for the best Tumblr alternative, then don’t forget to try DevianArt.

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10. Quora :

Don’t be surprised for adding quora to this list, because it is one of the best platforms to share your content for free.

Here you can find a wide range of audiences to share your content. If they like your content, then they might follow and upvote your content.

If you join the quora partner program, from there, you can earn money according to the traffic generated from your shared content.

If anybody doesn’t know how to earn money from the quora partner program, ask me in the comment section below. So that I will provide you with a detailed article on the quora partner program.

Quora works in question and answer format. Users will post questions in quora and you need to solve their query by giving a detailed explanation.

There are tons of questions in quora, and there is no shortage of questions in quora in any category. Better to answer the questions from the category in which you might be strong.

I have shared my view on quora, if you like this site, then you can accept this the best Tumblr alternative.

11. Twitter :

I hope you don’t need any special introduction to this site because it is the most popular social media site to share our feed.

You can share art culture, news, interesting facts, business, political issues, and……………….. on Twitter. It is completely free to use.

If users found your feed informative, then they might follow your account and retweet your post to reach more audiences.

If they found any suspicious or harmful data, they will immediately deactivate your account without informing you anything.

12. Flickr :

Flickr is a photo-sharing platform, which you can host your photos for free. If you use the free version, then there is a restriction to the storage space.

If you need to enjoy more storage space, then don’t forget to try its premium subscription. As bloggers can easily create groups; to post and share images by following some quite flexible rules.

13. Pinterest :

Pinterest is a photo-sharing site similar to Flickr. Here Pinterest has a huge audience base as compared with Flickr.

Bloggers can share their thoughts in the form of photos on Pinterest. You can share on different types of pinboards according to your photo category.

You need to write a short description of your photo before posting it on Pinterest. Even bloggers can share their post links at the bottom of the photo.

Those who use Pinterest need to follow the policy rules of Pinterest. Here you don’t need to share misleading photos for getting traffic to your shared link.

If they found any suspicious activity on your account, they have the right to suspend your account from Pinterest without informing you.

14. Ello :

Ello is a great platform to share your artwork, which you can collaborate with various other artists and designers. It works as the best Tumblr alternative for artists and designers.

It is not a microblogging website like Tumblr, but it is worth mentioning. In the meantime, here you can sell your work to other artists.

If you have an interest in art culture and designing, then just sign in to Ello. Here you can found huge communities of artists and you can be a part of it for free.

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15. Site123 :

Site123 is not working similarly to Tumblr, but it is worth mentioning. Here, you can create your own website to share your feed.

It has both free and paid features, but in the free version, you will get access to limited resources only. To acquire some premium features, you need to pay $5.80 / Month.

Site123 offers a wide range of templates that helps you to create an attractive and responsive website. If you are some scale creator, try it, it may work for you.

FAQ’s on Best Tumblr Alternatives :

1. Why Tumblr Lost Users?

Ans: In Tumblr, you can share your feed on Tumblr without any obstruction and impeding. Some users used this loophole and they tried to deliver some 18+ content on Tumblr.

Even Tumblr doesn’t take any action on those issues and created its own path to downfall. As of January 2016, Tumblr had over 500 million monthly visitors.

Because of these reasons, so many users left Tumblr and searching a new alternative for Tumblr.

As of January 2021, Tumblr has nearly 79 million monthly users which they lost nearly 80% of users as compared with 2016, January.

2. Is Tumblr Dead?

Ans: No. Tumblr isn’t dead completely. Still, Tumblr has a good number of users.

3. How do I know if my Tumblr is deleted?

Ans: If your account is deleted, then you may receive an email about the suspension.

Conclusion :

I am sure that, these were some of the best Tumblr alternatives. Choose the best Tumblr alternative platform from the above.

If I miss any Tumblr alternative or if you have any suggestions on that, please mention it in the comment below, so we will try to add that alternative to the above list.

Please try to provide feedback on this post; so that we will improve our article quality. Thanks for reading this article.

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