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Black Hole: 

The region where a space-time exhibit strong gravitational pull by Black Hole” that no particle can escape from it. Even light cannot escape from this Black Hole”. Black holes are formed when a huge massive stars collapse at the end of their life cycle. “KARL SCHWARZSCHILD” was the first person that found a Black hole in the year 1916 and “John Wheeler” was the first American astronomer that invented the term Blackhole in the year 1967. Scientists found that there are nearly 10 million black holes are present in our solar system.

Formation Of Black Hole: 

Black Hole is formed when the center of a massive star collapses upon itself, then the massive star will blast part of the star into space and this can form a supernova. These Black holes will die when they can lose their mass by abrupt explosions. These explosions can be detected by astronomers in a way that these Black holes will release a huge amount of Gamma rays while exploding. These will take a large amount of time. For Example: If a black hole with the mass of sun will last up to 10^ 65 years.
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Affecting Of Time By Black Holes:

Let take an example: If we can move near to the black hole by holding a watch in our hand then the time will move slowly as compared to the watches on our earth. If we stay 10 years near the black hole then according to our earth time you live 50 years or more years near the black hole. This can show that a large amount of gravitational force will slow down time and space. Similarly, if there is less amount of gravitational force will fast the time as compared to our earth time.

Not only gravitational force can affect time and space but also the speed can affect the time. Let us imagine that if we move with speed of light by holding a watch then the time will freeze and don’t move forward. As we all know that “Distance = Speed * Time”, if we move with speed of light then the Speed will become infinite () then the time is equal to Zero (0).

        Distance = Speed * Time  

        Time     =            Distance     {Speed = Infinite  ()}
                  [ Time = 0 ]                                      
Scientists thought that there will be a supermassive Black hole at the center of every Galaxy. Scientists named a Blackhole as “Sagittarius A” that which is present at the center of our solar system. This can be nearly 4 million times the mass of our sun and having 15 million miles in diameter. Scientists thought a Hypothetical particle called Tachyon in which this always travels faster than the speed of light. But most of the scientists don’t believe that these particles are not consistent with the known laws of our physics at present. But there is no experimental evidence about these particles.
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Colliding of Black Holes:  

When the two Black holes are started colliding with each other than the two Black holes will fuse and form a big massive Black hole with having the radius nearly the addition of two of the Black holes. On September 14, 2015, Scientists found a tiniest signal from one of the universes near to us. They found that these signals are emitting from two massive Black holes that started to collide with each other to form a supermassive Blackhole.  
Till now scientists don’t know is there is any exit at the other side of the Black hole. Some scientists say that there is a White Hole on the other side of the Blackhole that will emit outside which all things that enter the Blackhole. A white hole is completely quite opposite to the Blackhole. But there is no experimental or any evidence that there is an exit present another side of the Blackhole as a White hole. 

As we can’t directly see Black holes with our naked eye. Scientists use electromagnetic waves to find Black holes. In the year 2014 scientists found the nearest black hole to our solar system that is nearly 21,000 light-years. Scientist says that this Blackhole is too far from us there is no danger to our earth with this Blackhole. As particle that goes near to Blackhole then the Blackhole pulls the particle to its side as the attracted matter will accelerate and heats up then this particle will release a huge amount of  X – rays into space.  

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