How to Generate Leads in the Real Estate Business?

Real estate is a profitable but challenging business. Every realtor is using more or less the same techniques to gain leads which are making the market saturated. New agents leave the business as soon as they start it.

You may find thousands of online blogs and videos that provide tips to generate more leads; however, do they always work? No. Using only social media for real estate marketing campaigns isn’t enough. You need to incorporate it with other strategies as well.

Every business, property, and type of prospect has different needs, so you need to construct a different marketing strategy for each. In this article, you will learn five lead generation techniques that work for most businesses and are followed by the top realtors in the country.

Use Social Media

Social media has now become a marketing hub for every kind of business. Realtors have obtained significant results by incorporating social media into their marketing strategy. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are top social media platforms for real estate agents.

LinkedIn represents a more professional approach to networking, while Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are great for visuals. Facebook Ads are the most cost-effective lead generation tools.

In social media marketing, you must produce relevant, interesting, and high-quality content to engage your target audience. Think of captions, images, videos, etc. Video testimonials work best for building social proof. A strong social media presence helps your business go a long way.

You can also make use of various templates to create advertisements for your social media handles and website to attract the attention of your target audience. 

Host Open House

Open houses are events where potential buyers can tour a property without an appointment for a set period of time. Every person who enters the building is a potential lead. However, you need to do more than leave a sign-in sheet and a pen at the door to capture those leads.

Engage visitors from the moment they walk in. If they are just curious neighbors rather than current homebuyers, make sure they feel welcome.

Provide your visitors with a few ways to contact them, such as your phone number, email address, or business card. Using a QR code generator could also make collecting visitor contact information easier.

If you don’t have your own listing, you can offer to host open houses for other agents, and if it is your listing, your priority is to sell the currently hosted open house. Discuss similar listings only if they confirm that they aren’t interested in that open house.

Attend Real Estate Events

Various expos and tradeshows occur every month, and as a real estate agent, you can significantly benefit from visiting them regularly. Most of the visitors to the events would be potential leads.

You can also exhibit your properties to attract buyers. Many homeowners visit those events to explore their options. You can engage with them by having a quality conversation and maybe offer your contact information for future reference.


SEO or Search Engine Optimization isn’t new, but marketers are realizing its importance now. Implementing SEO practices in your marketing techniques can help you gain more website traffic, brand awareness, exposure, and recognition.

Whenever a user searches about a credible realtor, you might have a chance to appear in their top search results.


Real estate is a business that requires consistent efforts to grow sustainably. Hosting open houses, attending expos, and using SEO and social media for real estate are some of the most effective ways to gain more leads. The tips mentioned above can assist you in achieving your business goals.

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