6 Best Google AdSense Alternatives For Low Traffic Blogs

Best Google Adsense Alternatives for low traffic blogs and websites to monetize and earn some money. Google Adsense is definitely the best and most trusted ad network among all the ad networks.

But all websites or blogs don’t get AdSense approval due to their stern rules and regulations.

The one who doesn’t get Google AdSense approval will always search for the best Google Adsense Alternatives. Google AdSense is not only the one that monetize your blog or website to make money online.

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There are a lot of alternatives to google adsense that can helps your blog or website to make money online.

So, in this article we will see the Best google adsense alternatives in 2020.

Google Adsense Alternatives For Low Traffic Blogs: 

1. Media.net:

Media.net is one of the best google adsense alternative among all the ad networks.

I think you might already heard that Media.net ad network is launched by Yahoo and Bing. Media.net is one of the largest contextual ad network in the world.

And mainly Media.net is the main competitor to Google Adsense among all the ad networks.

But getting media.net approval is a little bit difficult as compared to google adsense approval. For getting media.net approval make sure that your website or blog traffic is mostly from foreign countries like United States, United Kingdom,……etc.

The payment threshold for Media.net is $100 and the payment cycle is NET – 30 days and they will pay via Payoneer.

Choosing Media.net for the best google adsense alternative is a good idea.         


1. Most trusted google adsense alternative.

2. It is free to join in Media.net

3. They will pay you for RPM and it is the best in the ad industry.


1. Your traffic must come from United states and foreign countries.

2. $100 payment threshold. NET – 30

2. Propeller ads:

Propeller ads is one of the best google adsense alternatives among all ad networks.

Getting Propeller ads approval is easy and after getting approval you might monetize your website or blog.

The thing that I don’t like in propeller ads is after getting approval you can only get pop ads but not banner ads and native ads.

The payment threshold for Propeller ads is $5 and the payment cycle is NET – 14 days.


1. Propeller ads will give you instant approval. 

2. Minimum Payment threshold is $5.


1. Propeller ads give only Pop ads. 2. Propeller ads don’t approve blogspot domains they will only approve top level domains.

3. Pop ads:

Pop ads is the best google adsense alternatives ad network to monetize your website.

Pop ads allows all types of websites like movie downloading websites, Content downloading websites, Software downloading websites,…….etc.

Google adsense doesn’t allow above type of websites so if your blog or website has above content then Pop ads is the best.

Pop ads have high CPM ads with having 100% fill rate.

The payment threshold is $5 and you can take daily payments.


1. 100% fill rate with high CPM.

2. $5 payment threshold.


1. Your visitors might not like pop ads and your website ranking might down and you will get low traffic.

2. Not useful for quality blogs or websites.

4. Adsterra:

Adsterra is the one of the best adsense alternative. You get instant approval to your website or blog from Adsterra.

Adsterra gives you high CPM ads like banner ads, native ads, video ads,……..etc.

Adsterra also approves all types of websites like movie downloading websites , software downloading websites,…….etc.

The payment threshold for Adsterra is $100 and the payment cycle is NET- 15 days.


1. Adsterra gives instant approval for all types of websites.

2. High CPM ads

3. NET – 15 days payment cycle.


1. Adsterra payment threshold $100.

5. Infolinks:

Infolinks is also the best google adsense alternatives for new websites or blogs. Almost all types of websites or blogs will get Info links approval.

Info links offers you banner ads, in link ads, pop ads,…………etc. Info links also gives you high cpm ads.

The payment threshold for Info links is $50 and the payment cycle is NET- 45 days.


1. Infolinks gives you instant approval.

2. Infolinks gives you all types of ad types like banner ads, In Page link ads,………etc.


1. Infolinks payment cycle NET – 45 days. 2. Payment threshold $50.

6. Adcash:

Adcash is also one of the best alternative among all the Google AdSense alternatives and Ad cash is the best way to monetize your new blog or website
Ad cash approval is easy and not that much hard as the Google AdSense approval. Ad cash also has high CPM ad types like Banner ads, Native ads, In-page link ads,……..etc.

The payment threshold for Ad cash is $5 and the payment period is NET – 30 days means it will pay you one’s at the end of the month.


1. Adcash  payment threshold $5.

2. Adcash gives you high CPM ads.


1. Adcash doesn’t approve all types of websites.


After reading this article about best google AdSense alternatives you can choose any one of the above ad networks. If anyone just confusing about the ad networks which one to choose I will give my opinion. My first Opinion is Media.net and My second Opinion is Adsterra.

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