How Much Money Is There In The World? Shocking 2022 Edition

  • According to the CIA world factbook 2017 results, the total money in the world is nearly $80 trillion.

Money plays an essential or crucial part in your day-to-day life. The money is circulating throughout the world, like a chain connection.

If any part of the connection broke then, it affects the whole chain connection internally.

You people may have a busy schedule with your works and studies, but at least one’s you might thought how much money is there in the world?

Does anyone calculate the whole money circulating in the world? and how much money is in the whole world 2022?

Now we will see the complete details about how much money is in circulation in the world,

What is Money?

how much money is there in the world
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Let’s start this article with the basic question about money. Money is a medium of exchange acts as a function between the economic units as a general recognization for transactional purposes in an economy. 

In other words, money is a medium of exchange for goods and services. This money circulation is controlled by the central bank of the country.

Every country has its own central bank to maintain the money flow across the country.

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What are the different types of Money?

Chiefly there are 3 types of money which are categorized as ‘M’s from M0 to M3. This classification depends upon the policy formulation of the central bank.

1. “M0”:

The M0 is represented with liquid money or physical money circulation in the country. This M0 is a pecuniary base of the economy for the country.

“M0” = Currency in Circulation + Bankers deposits with reserve bank + Other deposits with reserve bank

2. “M1”:

The M1 is second type of money which includes properties and currency. The M0 is also includes in M1.


The M2 is the sum of currency, current and savings accounts, and savings deposits at post office banks. The M1 is also included in M2.


The M3 is the sum of M2 and market funds, purchase of short term agreements.

As we move from M0, M1, M2 and M3 slowly the liquid cash is getting decreasing.

How much money is there in the world?

According to some reports, nearly $1.6 trillion money circulating across the world. This $1.6 trillion is liquid money (notes and coins).

If we include savings bank deposit money and liquid cash, then the total money in the world may touch $39 trillion.

According to some unofficial reports, the total money in the world is nearly $80 trillion, which includes broad money.

This broad money includes all types of cryptocurrencies. These cryptocurrencies’ value may increase or decrease according to their market.

This increase in cryptocurrency values may directly affect the total money in the world, which results in an increase in the total money in the world.

If we include all forms of investments and derivatives then the total money in the world 2022 rises to $1.5 quadrillion.

How much is the world worth?

This beautiful world is not for sale…

Nobody can buy this world because no person in this world doesn’t have enough money to buy it. This world is worth, nearly $100 quadrillion (This value is only our assumption), which nobody can buy it.


how much money is there in the world
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The cryptocurrency money will occupy nearly 2% of the total amount of money in the world. Now let’s see some questions regarding cryptocurrency.

  • Do you know What is Cryptocurrency?
  • Does cryptocurrency is legal or illegal?

Firstly, we will see the answer to the first question, What is cryptocurrency?

The cryptocurrency is a virtual currency, which are decentralized by blockchain technology.

These types of cryptocurrencies are protected by cryptography which is impossible to spend the same digital currency more than one’s, which is also called double-spend.

Now we will see the second question, Does cryptocurrency is legal or illegal?

Depending upon your location, you can invest in cryptocurrency money.

We can’t say any exact answer to this question, because in some countries buying and selling cryptocurrencies is illegal.

In most countries, buying and selling cryptocurrencies is legal. In 2013, the USA Treasury Department announces that investing in cryptocurrencies is legal.

In total, there are approx 5,393 cryptocurrencies are being traded in the world as of 2020 stats.

These are the Top 3 Cryptocurrencies in the world:

  • Bitcoin (1 Bitcoin = $35,727)
  • Ethereum (1 Ethereum = $1,146.83)
  • Litecoin (1Litecoin = $146.87)

Bitcoin has a market cap of the entire world $692 billion, Ethereum has a market cap of $141 billion, and Litecoin has a market cap of $9 billion.

Do you know what is Market Cap?

The market cap is depends upon the circulating supply and current market price of cryptocurrency.

“Market Cap = Circulating supply x Current Market Price”

These prices may change day to day, So the above prices are given according to the rates at the time of writing this article.

Now we will see the Pros and Cons of Cryptocurrencies,

Pros & Cons of Cryptocurrency:


  • Easy to transfer between 2 people.
  • Transfering of Decentralized currencies or cryptocurrencies are more secure than banks.
  • Nobody can’t double spend any cryptocurrency.
  • The rates of cryptocurrency may go high, which helps you to get more money.


  • Investing in cryptocurrency is illegal in some countries.
  • The rates of cryptocurrency may go low, which may destroy your money.

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How much money is there in the world per person?

As I mentioned above according to CIA, there are nearly $80 trillion money circulating in the world.

In our world nearly 7.8 billion world population according to 2020 stats. So, if we distribute $80 trillion money to 7.8 billion people, then we will get nearly $10,256.41 per person.

  • So, $10,256.41 money is there in the world per person.

How much money is there in Swiss bank?

Most business people store money in Swiss banks from all over the world. In the Swiss bank, 75% of the money is foreign money from foreign investors.

The Swiss bank also works like normal banks but, Do you know why the Swiss bank is most popular than any other bank?

The main reason for storing money in the Swiss bank is privacy. According to the bank law of 1934, revealing the name of an account holder in a Swiss bank is a crime.

This is the only reason, why most people deposit their money in the Swiss bank. Now we will see, how much money is there in the Swiss bank?

According to 2019 results, the total money held in Swiss banks by foreign clients from all over the world is nearly $1.45 trillion.

How much money is in the stock market?

In the world, there are nearly 60 stock exchanges in the world. Among these 60 stock exchanges, there are 16 stock exchanges with a market capitalization of $1.5 trillion.

The USA stock market has a total market capitalization of $50 million according to 2020 stats.

Future of Money:

As we all know that the usage of physical currency all over the world is being decreasing year by year.

The government encouraging people to make digital transactions or payments. As the population increases the handling of physical currency becomes difficult.

As we compare the payments from 2010 to 2020, the digital payments or transactions are increased rapidly.

Day by day the digital payments are increasing all over the world and the physical currency decreasing.

But the total money supply in the world is not decreasing, which is $80 trillion. This $80 trillion is increasing day by day as the population increases.

In Sweden, only 6% of transactions are made via physical cash, the remaining 81% of transactions are made via online or digital payments and cards.

In future Sweden becoming the cashless economy. According to some reports Sweden is becoming the world’s first cashless economy in the world by 2023.

According to Financial Times, due to Covid-19 the cashless payments are increased all over the world.

FAQ’s Regarding how much money is there in the world?

1. How much money is in the world 2022?

Ans: According to the CIA, the total money on earth is more than $80 trillion in 2020.

2. How much money is printed each day?

Ans: The printing of money is completely under the government. And the government prints money by considering the inflation percentage and economy.

3. What country printed too much money?

Ans: Zimbabwe printed too much money to make their country’s economy grow. Because of this overprinting of money, the prices reached high, and currently, this country is suffering from hyperinflation.

4. Which company makes the most money per second?

Ans: Apple company makes the most money which is $1,444.76 per second.

Final thoughts:

Nobody knows the exact figure of the total money in the world. The money follows or total money is increasing and decreasing every second.

If a bank issue loan anywhere in the world, then the total money may increase, if we repay the loan amount then, the total money may decrease.

I am very happy for reading this article “How much money is there in the world 2022?“. I am assuming that I have cleared all your doubts regarding this topic.

If you still have any queries, then don’t stand back to ask your doubt in the comment section below, so I will try to solve your query.

One’s again thanks for reading this article till here…………

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