The 10 Most Powerful Things In The World

For most people in this world, there is a misconception that the most powerful things in the world are might be big and strong.

But it is wrong that the big and strong things might not be powerful, some of the small things may also become one of the powerful things in the world.

Today in this article we will talk about the The 10 Most Powerful Things In The World,

10 Most Powerful Things In The World:

1. Most Powerful Bird In The World:

most powerful things in the world
Harpy Eagle

The Harpy Eagle is the most powerful bird in the world and this bird is also on the list of the biggest birds in the world.

But this bird has only a weight of 20 pounds and a height of nearly 1 meter. The distance between the 2 wings of this bird is about 2 meters.

This bird mainly hunts small deers, monkeys, bunnies, and sloths which has similar in size to the bird. This harpy eagle can create 50 kg force by using its strong legs.

This 50 kg force (or) pressure may sufficient to break the bones of the small animals. No bird can hunt a harpy eagle, so this harpy eagle may present at top of the food chain.

This harpy eagle is a national bird to the Panama country which is a country in Central America.

2. Most Powerful Passport In The World:

Japan Passport

When we travel from one country to another, then we must need a passport and visa.

There are some country passports that we can travel without a visa to other countries if we have a powerful passport in our pocket.

The powerful passport ranking is based on the number of countries that we can visit without having a visa by having that passport.

Every year website releases the list of most powerful passports in the world.

According to the website, the japan country passport is the most powerful passport in the world. By having a japan passport we can travel up to 191 countries without having a visa.

According to that list, the Singapore passport is the second most powerful passport in the world, so that we can travel to up to 190 countries without a visa.

Now we will we will see the most powerful animal in the world.

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3. Most Powerful Animal In The World:

Dung Beetle

Most people might think that the blue whale or elephant or lion or tiger is the most powerful animal in the world.

But in reality, those are not the powerful animals in the world. If we compare the size and the weight of the animal that can lift, then the most powerful animal is the dung beetle.

This dung beetle can lift up to 1141 times its own body weight, which is so heavy. If we compare this to humans, an average human needs to lift up to 90 tons more than his own body weight.

The 90 tons weight is an impossible task to lift by humans. So according to these calculations, the dung beetle is the most powerful animal in the world.

4. Most Powerful Weapon In The World:

Hydrogen Bomb

The most powerful weapon in the world is the hydrogen bomb. We all know the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bomb incident.

This hydrogen bomb impact will be nearly 3,000 times more than the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bomb. At first, Russia tested this hydrogen bomb named Tsar Bomba in the year 1961.

When the bomb blasted, the impact cloud reached nearly 68 km upwards which is more than Mt. Everest.

Because of this bomb shock waves and radiation, the radio systems are damaged and some are not worked properly.

Till now, the Tsar Bomba is the only weapon that is tested and proved as the most powerful weapon in the world.

5. Most Powerful Currency In The World:

Kuwait Dinar

Most people might think that dollar is the most powerful currency in the world. But, it’s wrong. The most trading currency all over the world is Dollar.

We all know that 1 Dollar USD = 73 INR (approx), (this currency price may change day to day).

But the dollar might not be the most powerful currency in the world. The most powerful currency in the world is Kuwait Dinar.

The 1 Kuwait Dinar = 240.50 INR (approx) and this currency price may change day to day, this price may increase in the future.

The main reasons behind this powerful currency are oil resources, less unemployment in Kuwait. Kuwait gets profit by exporting the oil to other countries.

There is no other currency in the world that is more than the kuwait dinar currency.

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6. Most Powerful Acid In The World:


If you are a science student then you might know about what is an acid, base, and how to calculate PH value. Mainly the strongest and weakest acids or bases depend on the PH values.

Image Credits: Jagran Josh

If the PH value less than 7 then it is an acid, if the PH value greater than 7 then it is a base. Most people might think that the most powerful acid in the world is Sulphuric acid with a PH value of 0.5.

This Sulphuric acid is also known as the king of acids. But the Sulphuric acid is not the most powerful acid in the world.

The most powerful acid in the world is Fluroantimoic Acid. This Fluroantimoic Acid has a PH value of -31.3 which is soo strong than the other acids.

This Fluroantimoic Acid is 1,00,000 billion billion times the strongest acid than our stomach acids. This acid cannot be stored in glass containers or any other containers because those materials will melt because of its strong PH value.

The only material that we use to store this Fluroantimoic Acid is Teflon.

7. Most Powerful Country In The World:


Till now we talk about some of the lists of Most powerful things in the world like powerful currency, powerful weapon, powerful acid, powerful animal, powerful bird, and powerful passport.

Now we will talk about the most powerful country in the world, but there is always a race between America, Russia, and China to get the number 1 position.

But America is the most powerful country in the world. As we compare with economy and technology America will always at the NO-1 position as compared with other countries.

America also has its own strong military force to defend. The decisions taken by America will impact the whole world’s economy.

8. Most Powerful Bike In The World:

Kawasaki Ninja H2/R

Kawasaki Ninja H2/R is the most powerful bike in the world. This bike has an estimated dry weight of 195 Kg.

This bike has a powerful engine with 325bhp. It is powered by a 998cc engine with a liquid-cooled supercharged in-line four-cylinder engine which generates 165Nm of torque.

This bike will give you 15 kmpl mileage and this bike has a price of $45,000.

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9. Most Powerful Super Computer In The World:

Super Computer

Till 2019 the summit supercomputer is the most powerful supercomputer in the world which is funded by IBM company.

But the japan company Fujitsu created, Fugaku supercomputer which beats the summit supercomputer and became the powerful computer in the world till now.

The Fugaku supercomputer is 2.8 times faster than the summit supercomputer and this computer can do 415 quadrillion calculations in a second.

The power required to run this computer can be delivered to nearly 30,000 houses and the water is also used in this computer which prevents from the heating off the computer.

10. Most Powerful Rocket Engine In The World:

Rocket Engine

The F-1 Rocket engine is the most powerful rocket engine in the world till now. The F-1 engine remains the highest thrust rocket engine that NASA has ever flown with 1.5 million pounds of thrust force.

This F-1 engine is used in the Saturn V launch vehicle that took the first astronauts to the moon for 6 successful landing missions.


If you know any other powerful things then please mention them in the comment section below so that we can add them to the above list of most powerful things in the world.

In future days we will try to increase or update the above list of most powerful things in the world.

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