Top 10 questions that nobody knows the answer.

Believe it or not there are many questions in the world, that human science cannot answer till now. There are some mind-bending questions that scientists are trying to find answers to those questions.

Either the professors or the genius could not found any reasonable answers to these paradox questions.

At least once in our life we think about “What are Top 10 questions that nobody knows?” or “What are the Top 10 most puzzling questions in the world?”

Only the real clever ones can answer these questions. Let’s see the “Top 10 questions that nobody knows the answer?”

1. Does God really exist?

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This is the most toughest question in the world that nobody can answer. Some people say god will exist and some will say god does not exist.

All the religious and holy books says that the god  exists. But scientists didn’t get an answer to this question.

Even some scientists will believe in god and some scientists don’t. I think we cannot get an answer to this question.

 My answer:

I think there must be a creator. If nature creates us then nature will be our god. If some aliens or extraterrestrial life creates us then those are our god. Everything will not exist on their own, so there must be a creator.

2. What is the real color of a mirror?

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In our daily life, we use the mirror frequently. There are so many uses with mirrors every day.
As we use mirrors in vehicles to see the traffic behind the vehicle and we use mirrors for some scientific purposes.

Coming to the question is “What is the color of a mirror?” Most of the people confused by seeing this question.

Some people say white and some people say does Mirror have color? There are so many interesting answers to this question but there is no exact answer.

But some people say the mirror is a greenish-black with a shiny back. But for this question no one found the 100% correct answer.

My answer:

A spectrum of light has 7 colors “VIBGYOR”. According to the scientists every object will absorb all the 7 colors in the light but it emits one color outside among the 7 colors. The color emitted outside is the color of the object.

If all colors are absorbed then we see “Black” and if all colors are emitted then we will see “White”.
But the mirror will show all the colors in the world Black, White ….etc. So I am unable to answer this question.

Let’s see genius people may say the correct answer to this question.

3. Does space has an ending?

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For this question even scientists can’t found any exact answer to this question. Scientists say that space is expanding.

But they can’t say that it will always expand or there is any ending. If there is ending what we will see at the end of space Gods, Aliens.

We can’t say any exact answer for this question. So we will leave that here.

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My answer:

I think everything will end when the time comes. So I think space also has an ending. So the time will say the answer.

4. What do we see on the other side of the Blackhole?

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Similar to the above question no one can’t say any answer to this question. Even scientists can’t found any answer to this question.

Black holes have a massive gravity and it will pull any planet, Sun into it when any planet comes in its orbit.

Scientists are doing so many experiments to get this answer. So scientists say that we will see a white hole on the other side of the black hole. But there is no exact answer to this question.

My answer: 

At present we can’t approach the black hole to see the other end. So in future man see the other end of the black hole. We have to wait until the man goes inside the black hole and see the other end.

5. Why lightings will not strike in a straight line?

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We see lightings when heavy rainfall occurs. We absorbed that lighting strikes the earth in only a zig-zag manner but not in a straight line.

Even scientists can’t found any exact answer for this different question. Scientists say that when two clouds strike each other due to the friction between the clouds the lightings will appear.

But nobody can’t say why these lightings will not strike in a straight line. May the future technology can say the answer to this question.

My answer: 

I don’t know any answer to this question. Please comment below if anyone knows the answer.

6. Why we get dreams?

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Everyone in this world may get dreams. But we don’t know why we get dreams and sometimes the dreams we got does not make any sense.

Even scientists don’t found any answer to this question. Scientists are doing experiments among this thing. Not only humans get dreams but animals also get dreams.

But they don’t found any correct answer to this question. Scientists found that most of the people will get dreams in “Rem sleep” of their sleep cycle.

At present scientists can’t say any answer to this question. May future generations will found the answer to this question.

My answer:

I think it is the gameplay of our brain. We will found the exact answer in future generations.

7. What do we see after we die?

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Everyone in this world will die at some time. Scientists don’t found any answer or evidence of this question.

According to some religious books every human body has sole and this sole will leave the human body after our death. That sole will enter into the other body and the other life will begin.

Scientists are doing so many experiments on this to get the answer to this question. I think our scientists may find the answer in the future.

My answer: 

For everything in this nature has a life cycle, So I think there must be some cycle after our death whether it may be another life or anything else.

8. Why we can feel the force but we can’t see?

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In this world, there are four types of forces

1. Electromagnetic force.

2. Gravitational force.

3. Strong nuclear force.

4. Weak nuclear force.

All these four forces exist in our world and have so many scientific evidences for these forces.
But the question is why we can’t see the force but we can feel? No scientist can’t say the exact answer for this question.

We can feel gravitation but we can’t see it. In the future, we can create artificial gravity in space but we can’t see. Maybe aliens can say the answer to this question?

My answer: 

I don’t know any answer to this question.

9. From where does our inner voice come from?

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Let me explain this question in some detail. Throughout our day we talk and this voice comes from our mouth.

But when we are making some choices like “this one or that one” and this is the inner voice. The question is “From where this voice comes from”.

Some people say it may come from the heart and people may say it comes from our brain. The answer to this question is different from people to people and we may not find the answer to this question.

My answer: 

I think this comes from our brain. All our body functions will work under our brain so it may come from our brain.

10. Does time really exist?


In our daily we see the time frequently. Time is the most important thing in everyone’s life.

And this time is the godfather for science without time there is no science. Time is the most powerful force and it always runs like a river flow since from our birth to death. No one can stop time.

Even scientists are struggling to know the exact answer to this question. No one in this universe can’t escape from time. If time does not exist then there is no past and there is no future.

My answer:

I think time is an illusion that completely fits in our science that we cannot remove. Time is a hypothetical thing in our lives.

No one can track time for finding what will happen in the future. So according to my opinion Time is an illusion.


The above questions may not have any correct answers to prove. These types of paradox questions cannot answer anybody in this world.

If anybody knows the answer to the above questions please comment us below. So our visitors may also know the answers.

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