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8 Best Apps for Youtubers: That You’ll Kick Yourself for Not Knowing

Each youtube creator cherishes their subscribers and these creators are have to do a great deal of work in a short timeframe to build and increase the reach for their channels.

Each youtube creator will try to publish a new video each 2 to 3 days.

As the youtube channel is developing then the youtube creators need to rush to make brisk videos and edit those videos and upload them on youtube.

Every youtube creator don’t have Laptop’s and PC’s accessible to make videos, for doing editing works on their videos, and to oversee youtube channels.

To beat these issues we have looked and tried a great deal of apps. But at last, we have finally discovered these 8 best apps for YouTubers.

NOTE: “The below list of apps are not in order, you can install these apps as per your convenience”.

8 Best Apps for Youtubers:

Now, In this article, we will see the elaborate list and details for these 8 Best Apps for Youtubers.

1. YouTube Creator Studio:

best apps for youtubers

Google officially launched the youtube creator studio app to assist YouTubers to deal with their channels easier and quicker from mobile or tablet.

YouTube Creator Studio app is available free for every Youtube creator.

Features that you can manage in “YouTube Creator Studio”:

  • Assist your Youtube channel.
  • Perceive your Youtube video and channel analytics.
  • Reply to your Youtube comments.
  • Manage your Youtube channel video playlists.

2. TubeBuddy:

best apps for youtubers

TubeBuddy is the first browser extension for YouTube Creators is presently accessible in a hurry with TubeBuddy Mobile.

TubeBuddy recommends you low competition and labels to rank your youtube channel higher on youtube.

You can see your video views and subscribers count from tubebuddy.

TubeBuddy is not only available for mobile users it is also available as a chrome extension in PCs and Laptops.

TubeBuddy helps to optimize your youtube channel and also gives you depth analysis results.

Features that you can manage in “TubeBuddy”:

  • You can see your own channel subscriber count.
  • Depth analysis of your channel stats and engagement stats.
  • TubeBuddy suggests you Tags for your videos to rank higher.
  • Comments moderation.
  • Create and manage your own tag lists.

3. Canva:

best apps for youtubers

Canva helps YouTubers to make attractive and beautiful thumbnails to their videos and furthermore helps in video editing.

Canva is an adaptable graphic designing app that is a logo maker, youtube thumbnail maker, Instagram post editor, and video editorial manager.

Canva is additionally outstanding amongst the other best apps for YouTubers.

Canva is a basic photo editing app that is available for free to all android users and ios users.

Features that you can manage in “Canva”:

  • Create a beautiful and attractive thumbnail.
  • Editing your thumbnails.
  • Simple and free photo editing app.
  • Logo-Graphic designing.

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4. Screen Recorder & Video Recorder – XRecorder:

best apps for youtubers

XRecorder helps you to capture simple, smooth, and clean screen recordings and screenshots.

By using XRecorder you can record videos up to 1080p of any sort like live network programs, video calls, and some more.

Features that you can manage in “XRecorder”:

  • Edit your video recording as triming and changing the speed of video.
  • Record videos without any watermark.
  • You can record your own game play on your mobile.
  • No need to root your mobile.
  • No recording time limit.

5. Adobe Photoshop Express:

best apps for youtubers

Adobe Photoshop Express is a one-touch mobile photo editor with different filters and color effects.

Adobe Photoshop has a wide range of photo editing tools like reducing color noise, diminishing grains in pictures, and increasing or decreasing the sharpness of the pictures.

Features that you can manage in ” Adobe Photoshop Express”:

  • You can instantly fix camera angles for images.
  • Coustomizing your images by Bluring backgrounds, shifting focus to specific thing, and creating memes with different style of text.
  • Edjusting contrast and exposure of a images.

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6. KineMaster:

best apps for youtubers

Kinemaster is outstanding amongst the other video editing app for YouTubers. By utilizing Kinemaster you can edit your videos as a professional and upload them on youtube.

Kinemaster video editing app offers you both a free and a paid version as Kinemaster Pro.

The free version of Kinemaster has a watermark at the head of the video in the wake of editing. As the Kinemaster Pro version will give you sans watermark editing results.

The Kinemaster Pro has a cost of Rs:332 for 30 days of use. As though you see the yearly plan costs you Rs:2,300 (as Rs:287 every month).

Features that you can manage in ” KineMaster”:

  • Color adjusting tools and adding stickers to videos.
  • Trimming videos and adding background sounds and music.
  • Adding multiple layers of videos and special effects.
  • Keyframe animation tools and speed control of time-lapse.
  • You can Export video editing work up to 4k resolution.

7. Pixabay:

best apps for youtubers

Pixabay will definitely come under the list of best apps for YouTubers. Every youtube creator needs non-copyright pictures to use in their youtube videos.

Pixabay offers you non-copyrighted pictures, illustrations, and videos at liberated from cost that you can use these pictures in your videos.

You can use Pixabay pictures and videos without giving any credits in your youtube video.

Features that you can manage in ” Pixabay”:

  • Millions of royalty-free images, vectors, and illustrations.
  • Thousands of royalty-free videos.
  • Direct download of photos of any size.
  • Easy, fast, and user-friendly interface.

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8. Lexis Audio Editor:

best apps for youtubers

Youtube creators also need an audio editing app similar to a video editing app.

Among the all audio editing apps lexis audio editor app is the best one to edit your audios and creating new audio files.

Lexius audio editor app offers you both a free and paid version to edit your audio. The free version has all the highlights of the paid version aside from the saving of audio files in mp3 format.

Saving your audio files in mp3 format is only available in paid version.

Features that you can manage in “Lexis Audio Editor”:

  • Recording of audio for youtube videos.
  • Inserting silence and trimming audio.
  • Mixing of two audio files into one audio file.
  • Changing of Noise reduction, Speed, Tempo, and Pitch.

FAQs On Best Apps For YouTubers:

1. Best App To Edit Videos On Mobile For Youtubers?

“Kinemaster” is one of the best mobile app for editing videos and upload them on Youtube.

Kinemaster has a paid version that gives you some more assistance than the free version.

2. How To Manage Youtube Channel From Mobile?

The best app to manage youtube channel on your mobile is “Youtube Creator Studio“.

3. What Are The Must Need Apps For Youtubers?

The 8 apps listed on the above article 8 Best Apps For Youtubers are the most needed apps for YouTubers.

4. What is the best app for recording YouTube videos?

“XRecorder” is the best app for recording Youtube videos up to 1080p (Full HD).

Final Thoughts:

The above list of apps are may not be in order, you can use the above list of apps as per your convenience.

Most of the people doesn’t know how to manage youtube channel and how to edit videos and audios for youtube from mobile.

In the event that they don’t know which apps will use for doing all youtube work on mobile.

I hope this article about 8 Best apps for Youtubers will definitely help you to start your youtube channel journey from your mobile.

If you love this article then please share this article on all your social media platforms to reach more audiences.

Please don’t hang back to comment below if you have any question mark on 8 Best apps for Youtubers.

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