Customize Windows for More macOS-Like Appearance

Customizing your computer – whether PC or Mac, is fun, and there are plenty of customization options available in both. But, not many users are familiar with these customization options. If you too want to customize your laptop or computer, here are some of the tips to help you do it efficiently. 

Users who are switching from macOS to Windows will find this article more helpful as it will allow you to make your PC more like a MacBook

Turn Your Taskbar Transparent 

The taskbar is an important component in Windows as it gives you quick access to frequently used apps and folders. It houses the Start menu, all the open apps, notifications, and much more. 

While Windows built-in customization options allow you to tweak its appearance, you may also use third-party apps to make it look modern. 

Turn on transparency by navigating to the system settings. In the Personalization window, click on the Colors tab in the left-side panel and toggle the Transparency effects to turn it on. This will enable transparency which affects the Start menu, taskbar, windows, and panels. 

Alternatively, use Registry Editor to tweak the transparency settings. You may also turn the taskbar transparent by downloading third-party apps. 

Move Taskbar to the Top & Install a Dock 

It may seem simple, but you need to do it carefully. The MacBook screen is more mirror-like; you don’t see anything else other than a few files, folders, and app shortcuts. Moving the taskbar towards the top of the screen will make it appear more like macOS. 

The Dock is the place to go when you need to access any frequently visited app, file, or program. You may install the Dock using a third-party application. For example, apps like RocketDock and ObjectDock allow you to access the benefits of macOS Dock on your Windows screen. 

Utilize Automatic Dark & Light Mode

In Windows, you can customize your colors in the Start menu or taskbar by changing the options and choosing from Dark, Custom, or Light. The Darker Mode will have a darker set of colors that are great when you need to use the device in a low-lighting setting. 

The Custom Mode allows you to set the screen anywhere between Dark and Light. Select accent color for borders or title bars as per your individual choices. The Light Mode, with a lighter set of colors, gives you a better appearance during daylight. 

To change colors in the Dark mode, click Start, go to Settings, select Personalization, and then tap on Colors. Under the Choose your color option, select Dark. For setting the color theme to Light in Windows computer, go to Settings from the Start menu, navigate to Personalization, select Colors, and select Dark in the Choose your color section. 

Organize the Start Menu

The Start menu is what takes you inside your Windows via a quick tour. The two sections in the Start menu include the proper Start menu towards the left and the Apps list towards the right side of the menu. 

Though it is not possible to customize the Start menu, you have the option to clean it up for better performance. When you install anything from the web, it gets installed into a folder alongside a few random files and apps. 

Delete these apps, files, folders, games, and anything else that you do not use frequently or require anymore. Dive into your program files from the ‘Program Files’ folder. Organize this folder to optimize the Start menu and improve the overall performance of your computer. 

As soon as you start removing apps and programs, the changes will immediately reflect on the Start menu. Regular cleanup of Mac as well as Windows computers is essential to enhance your system’s performance and improve your productivity. 

Remap Alt to Function Like Cmd 

Remapping keyboard keys is missing from the default features of Windows. However, you can easily resolve this using a third-party app. It’s a little annoying to learn the simple yet dozens of keyboard shortcuts that make the work easier and help stay productive. 

If you are a macOS user switching to Windows for home or professional use, you can turn the power of Alt and Ctrl keys into Cmd. This will help you become more acquainted with the Windows operating system while it appears more like macOS. 

On macOS, the Command key can be used with hundreds of other key combinations to speed up work. It is an invaluable key that allows users to perform a variety of operations such as launching an app, quitting a file, copying text, and switching between browser tabs quickly while bypassing multiple steps and manual procedures. 

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