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        Top 5 Biggest Libraries In The World

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Libraries are the temples to gain knowledge and for learning.There are so many libraries all over the world.In Libraries there are so many kinds of books in all languages all over the world, that we cannot read all the book throughout our life.No matter were you are in the world, you are probably close to libraries near to your place where you are living.In libraries all the books are housed in style.You can visit some of the world’s largest libraries that you’ve never seen that many books in your life.
These are Top 5 World’s Biggest Libraries In The World:
1. British Library
2. Library of Congress
3. New York Public Library 
4. Library And Archives Canada 
5. Shanghai Library

1. British Library:   

                  British Library, London, England, Sky
British Library was the biggest library in the world.British Library was established in 1 July 1973 (46 Years) in Euston Road, London, United Kingdom.There are nearly 1977 staff was working in London British Library.London British Library has all types of books, News papers, Patents, Maps, Prints, Drawings, Magazines, Journals.In British Library has nearly 13,950,000 books and 824,101 Serial Titles.
Roly Keating was the chief executive director of London British Library since 2012.British Library was the national Library to the United Kingdom.There are nearly 1.78 million visitors come every year to London British Library. Every year there are nearly 141 million pounds Budget was release by British Government.

2. Library Of Congress:

 Us Library Of Congress, Library
Library of Congress was the second biggest library in the world.Library of Congress was established in 1800 ( 219 years) in Washington D.C, United States. There are nearly 3150 staff members are working at Library of congress every year.There are more than 38 million number of books are there in Library of Congress.Not only books there are 3.6 million recordings, photographs, manuscripts, and some special collections are present at Library of Congress.
Most of the books are destroyed in 1814 during the war of 1812.Every year there are nearly $ 648.4 millions of budget was given to Library of Congress by the Government.There are nearly 1.8 million visitors come and visit Library of Congress every year from all over the world. The high rank government officials, public and employees also check out books and manuscripts present in Library of Congress.

3. New York Public Library:

 Public Library, New York, Manhattan
New York Public Library was the third biggest library all over the world.New York public library was established in 1895, New York. There are nearly 54 million number of books, manuscripts and news papers are there at New York Public Library.Nearly 3,160 staff members are working at New York Library every year.There are nearly 3.5 million people are visiting New York Public Library every year.
New York Public Library was the second largest library in United states after Library of Congress. New York Public Library has $ 250 millions budget every year.William P. Kelly was the director of the research Libraries at New York Public Library.It was a private library which was not created by government in New York.

4. Library And Archives Canada:   

File:Library and Archives Canada.JPG - Wikimedia Commons
Library and Archives Canada was the fourth worlds biggest library in the world.Library of Archives Canada was established in 2004, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.There are nearly 875 staff members are working at Library of Archives Canada every year.There are 55 million number of books, magazines and news papers are there in Library of Archives Canada.
There are 25 million number of photographs and digital content are there at Library and Archives.In Library and Archives Canada the oldest book was “De antiquitate Judaica: De Bello Judaico” which was written by Flavius Josephus in 1470.The budget of Library and Archives Canada was nearly $117 millions.

5. Shanghai Library:  

File:Shanghai Library, 2015 - 02.JPG - Wikimedia Commons


Shanghai Library was the fifth biggest library in the world.Shanghai Library was established in 1952 at Shanghai, China.There are nearly 50 millions of books and other items are their at Shanghai Library in China.Before establishing of Shanghai Library “Bibliotheca Zi-Ka-Wei” was the first modern Library to established in 1847 at Shanghai.
In Shanghai Library there are nearly 150 volumes of  Ancient books are protected at Shanghai Library.It was the biggest library in china. Shanghai Library was covered by 3.1 hectares of land in china.

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