How to Clear Clipboard on Android – 3 Ways

how to clear clipboard on android

Clearing the clipboard on mobile devices, including both iOS and Android, is a common practice for users seeking to enhance privacy and manage sensitive information. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the various methods available to clear clipboard data, with a focus on Android devices. Additionally, we’ll explore how users can manage their clipboard … Read more

15 Best Photo Scanner Apps for Android and iPhone In 2023

best photo scanner apps

Nowadays, we store our photos and albums in smartphones and cloud storage; we have all spaces to hold our memories for a very long time. But, before the invention of smartphones and digital media, photos are stored in albums, negatives, and printed copies. These photo albums may be prone to destruction as years are passing. … Read more

15 Best Slow Motion Video Apps For Android & iOS Of 2022

best slow motion video apps

Nowadays, most mobile phone companies are going to introducing slow-motion video recording features in their upcoming mobiles. But old mobiles don’t have any slow-motion video recording feature to record videos in slow motion. Today, we will discuss the 15 Best Slow Motion Video Apps For Android & iOS Of 2022. This article might help those who … Read more

10 Best Browser For iOS Devices In 2022: Top Safari Alternatives

best browser for ios devices

Are you searching for the best ios browser 2022? If so, you fall in the right place. Because today we are going to discuss the topic 10 Best Browser For iOS Devices In 2022. According to browser usage stats, nearly 63.02% of worldwide mobile users use Chrome as their primary browser to search on the internet. If we only consider USA mobile … Read more

9 Best Background Remover Apps For Android & iPhone in 2022

background remover app

Clicking selfies and taking photos are common nowadays. So many people try to edit their photos or selfies by removing the background and unwanted things from their photos to become attractive and beautiful. But, most people don’t know which app or software helps them to remove the background of the photo. If you are searching … Read more