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What Are The Top 5 Inventions That Changed The World Most?

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Here are the five inventions or discoveries that changed the world and ease our life.These inventions made our life’s more comfortable and easy to live.Just think without these inventions we cannot live our life as we are living now. 
The following are the Top 5 inventions that changed the world:
1. Fire
2. Wheel
3. Paper
4. Steam Engine
5. Optical lenses


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Fire is the first invention of Human Being that starts changing the human evolution from early man.At first Human Being use the fire only for prevention of dangerous animals in the forest.The control of fire by human beings was the turning point for human evolution.Human Beings learn how to create the fire from stones and started eating cooked food and it is also used as light in the dark and colder hours in the evening.
Fire is one of the most important forces on earth and it makes the defining property of intelligence and separating us from animals.There are three main components are needed for fire at first fuel to burn, second oxygen, and third ignition source that allows the fire to begin.

2. Wheel:

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Wheel is the second most invention that changed the world most.Wheel was invented sometime around 3,500 B.C.At that time wheels are made of wood and stones.Without wheels now a days we cannot live.Wheel is a circular block of a hard material at whose center has a circular hole through which is placed an axle bearing to rotate when the momentum is applied by gravity.

3. Paper:

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Paper was the third most invention that changed the world most.We cannot imagine our life without paper, we are using paper in so many ways every day.First paper making process was documented in china during the Eastern Han period around 25-220 CE.At first human used animal skin as a paper to write later on the paper invention was evolved.
Materials like Bark, Silk, Wood, and Leather are used to functioned in a similar way to paper.Early paper makers used hemp fibers which were soaked in water and pounded with a large wooden mallet for making paper to write.

4. Steam  Engine:

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Steam Engine was the fourth invention that changed the world most.The first successful steam engine was developed in 1712 by Thomas Newcomen. Steam Engine was a heat engine that convert steam coming from boiling of water or burning of coal in to mechanical work to move.This steam pressure the piston back and forth inside a cylinder. 
Steam Engine was the first foot mark for industrial revolution in 18th and 19th centuries in the world. 

5. Optical Lenses:

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Optical Lenses was the fifth invention that changed the world most.In 11th and 13th centuries Optical Leans are used as “reading stones” at that time.For experimental purposes Optical Lenses was used to made a compound microscope around 1595, and Optical Lenses also used in refracting telescope in 1608.
Later Optical Lenses was also used to see stars and our solar system.Optical Lenses played main key role in finding the planets stars and their places.Optical Lenses also played a major key role in Medical purposes for finding bacteria and virus and other diseases which cannot be seen through our naked eyes.    

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